(WoTB) Have WG create special tournaments for tiers 7 and 9!

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Currently, the only tournament tiers are 6, 8, and 10, and while tiers 5, 7, and 9 tanks may compete in each of them respectively, they will not be used (unless they have literally nothing else, or it’s a clan like PRAMO showing off). I would like to see tournaments specifically for tiers 7 and 9 because there is a different meta from the other tiers. Some of the best medium (and light) tanks tier for tier are at tiers 7 and 9, such as the Type 62 and T54. And at tier 9, there is no IS spam like at tier 8 which means a potentially larger diversity of tanks at each of these. I also feel that tiers 9 and to some extent 7 are really well balanced, with hull-down warriors like the ST-I being balanced out by tanks like the T30 who will HE his turret for ~400 damage, and so on. Overall, I think tournaments for these tiers specifically could really help improve the diversity of tournament play, and may engage more people who might be put-off by the current tiers.