Let`s Rebirth The Navy Flag of Japanese Rising Sun in World of Warships!!-WOWSに旭日旗を復活させましょう!


Let`s Rebirth The Navy Flag of Japanese Rising Sun in World of Warships!!-WOWSに旭日旗を復活させましょう!


発信者:匿名 希望◆Ko45e1UYEwgf 宛先:Wargaming.net,World of Tanks(World of Tanks)

Recently, WarGaming.net prohibited the naval forces flag of Japan by South Korean's complaint of the warship in the world.

As for the naval forces flag of Japan, the naval forces flag from the world of the warship to Japan was deleted from the South Korean as a symbol of the colonization and the imperialism of South Korea according to the insistence.
It is done that it is, and however, please might not as soon as it protests and give us to me its having and this.. having of the unjustified complaint, and.
The Maritime Self-Defense Force in Japan is using the flag of this naval forces for us now. The Ground Self-Defense Force is the same method.
It is prohibited in Hakenkreuz Germany unlike the law and it does not mean it.
And, the militarism, the colony, and South Korea of a political symbolism are marks of "Completion Yokusan Kay" mark with the meaning similar to the Hakenkreuz of the image etc. without the Rising Sun flag.
The Rising Sun flag deflecting is a flag has been used from old in Japan up to now by such congratulation with the history.
[Raijingusanfuragu] should be excellent. disappear at such time of political South Korean [ikutsuka] of the insistence
Now we rise in the order of reviving the day of Asahi in the world of the warship to protest against this unjustified insistence flag.


最近、Wargaming.netが韓国人の不当な苦情で日本の海軍旗をWorld of Warshipsから削除しました。

韓国人の主張では日本の海軍旗(旭日旗)は韓国の植民地と帝国主義の象徴としてWorld of Warshipsから削除されたものとされています。







我々はこの不当な主張に抗議するためにWorld of Warshipsの旭日旗復活の為に今すぐ立ち上がりましょう!