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Keep the 10.5cm howitzer on the VK28.01

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The 10.5cm howitzer IS the VK28.01 and taking it away leaves the vehicle about as much use as an egg with no yolk. I fully understand that lights tanks are getting re-balanced as the new tier 9 & 10 light tanks are introduced and current vehicles are moved around.

Maybe the motive is based on the potential current DPM, but anyone and everyone who's ever played this vehicle knows that with a derp DPM potential and actual are 2 very different things. This move will render a much loved vehicle in the World of Tanks community as utterly useless.

So ladies and gentlemen of the WOT community lets make Wargaming aware of just how opposed we are to practically destroying a much loved fan favourite of the scout world before patch 9.18 is implemented. 

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