Bring back ATGMs in World of Tanks Blitz

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In Update 7.5 of World of Tanks Blitz, Wargaming removed Anti Tank Guided Missiles from the researchable T92E1 and Sheridan tanks.  To please fans of the feature, they gave players who had already researched the Sheridan a collector tank called Sheridan Missile.  This tank is incredibly useless, as it is not playable in regular game modes and are only playable in training rooms and some events.  Moreover, there is no way for players who were grinding for the opportunity to play missile tanks to get the Sheridan Missile.

This update was done in response to negative player feedback on ATGMs, especially regarding alleged balancing issues.  Most of these issues were moot by Update 7.4, with the only real issue being a bug where players could control a missile in 3rd person view if the missile was still visible on that reticle, even if the line between the gun and missile was obstructed.  If Wargaming took the initiative to fix this one bug, perhaps players' opinions on ATMGs would have changed.

The reason we want ATGMs back in regular modes is that they provide variety in tank weaponry.  They give an alternative to boring everyday tank guns, all of which work exactly the same way and only differ in specifications.  ATGMs were a big step toward diversifying gameplay, and removing them brings the game back to square one.

What would this petition be without debunking the most common myth about ATGMs?  This myth states that a missile's controlability makes them overpowered.  This is false because, although most shells cannot be controlled, normal shells have a dispersion field, meaning there is a chance of a lucky shot hitting the enemy even if you do not aim perfectly.  With ATGMs, however, the player must not only aim perfectly, but remain in the open until the missile hits its target.  Furthermore, missiles travel much slower than normal shells and have a short range, meaning they are useless for sniping.

Another common argument against ATGMs is that professional players are too powerful when using missile tanks.  This is technically true, but is not limited to missile tanks.  The very definition of a professional player is that they are more skillful than most, meaning they are very powerful in any tank they use.  Most tanks are only as overpowered as its player, after all.  With that in mind, a tank is only truly overpowered when an average player appears to be a professional in it.  This is not seen in any of the missile tanks, where average players tend to look like total noobs.