Make World of Tanks Historically Accurate

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Stefan Končar
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In the description of the game it says that the game is mid 20th century themed with WW2 tanks and historic locations, but when you start the game you have tanks and parts that were never made there are only blueprints of them, you also have nations that didn't have their own tanks (for example Poland, Czech Republic and France were part of Germany so they used German tanks, Germans only used Swedish materials to make their own tanks, Italy was allied with Germans so they used German tanks and Yugoslavia and China had Russian tanks), and the developers are changing the statistics of the tanks in the game occasionally so that they are less or more powerful than in real life, those are all proofs that the game is historically inaccurate, sign this petition if you want to join the fight to make the game historically accurate so that the players besides playing the game can learn something about the history

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