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Gods & Glory Rollback Update 3.0.0

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To Gods&Glory devs.

We have to say we DO NOT appreciate last changes in game witch have totally ruined in-game mechanics. We DO NOT appreciate copying ideas from other games and implementing them in our loved G&G. We like unique content.

As far as we can see last update not only ruined balance, but packed up tons of bugs. All monster system is not working properly, players cant get any materials, cant fight as camps, castles are being blocked (under siege error).

New enchanting stats are crazy, on 1-3 enchanting level shields have less defence than non enchanted shield. And magic def is replaced with phisycal dmg. Its very confusing. 

We like new content, we want new content but we dont want to be our game destroyed by new content.

We want to rollback changes, back to last stable version of the game, talk with players what they want and then maybe change game. Now we have too many bugs. Game is unplayable right now.

We spend lots of time and lots of real money, now you took it away from us by reckless ideas. You should know that, Gods&Glory cant exist without us - players. 

We don't want last update to be live anymore.

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