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Allow teachers to conceal carry, or have armed guards in our public schools.

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As many of you already know, a few wareham public schools were on lockdown, due to threats of a gunman. I'm aware my kids have had drills, but nothing quite prepares you for the real deal. Now that it's over & my son and other kids are fast asleep, safely in their beds. I and many parents are at ease tonight. 

After speaking to my son, I learned he and his kindergarten class were huddled in the corner, under a sink, with tables up against the door. Tables!! That was their only protection against the threat. Sure, emergency personal acted fast, but what if there was a gun man in the school? How would any teacher defend their classroom if a gunman gained access to the classroom? What if teachers didn't have time to wait for help to arrive?  I as a mother, would feel better sending my kids to school knowing teachers who have their LTC and proper training, or armed guards were placed in our public schools. If schools had armed personal they'd be less of a target & would be able to fight back with equal force in the event this was to happen again. I'm sure money can be raised to fund whatever is needed to do this & keep our kids safe. Tonight I'm thankful this turned out to be a safe them sorry situation and everything ended well. Parents were terrified! Not knowing what state my child was in & knowing there was nothing I could do to make my child safe was the most helpless feeling I've ever experienced. Arm our teachers, or have armed guards, or retired veterans to protect our schools and children. 

I strongly believe that past acts of violence in schools, churches & other establishments that are known for not allowing firearms could of been avoided across our nation, had teachers, or other personal been armed. Times are changing and so should we. Please vote for this petition by clicking link below

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