Ark Mobile Change

Ark Mobile Change

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Big Boi started this petition to Wardrum

Currently, Ark Mobile is facing numerous problems. Besides script abuse, an important issue on all difficulties is exploited tames. The failure to fix this exploit has caused Mega Tribes to dominate. Without these exploited lines, “bobs” are unable to actively participate on PvP servers. On top of this all, most ground PvP has been eliminated. BP’s have also been almost ruled out to be completely invalid to due the fact that you can’t kill a 300K HP quetzal with a compound bow. At the moment, Ark Mobile is facing its downfall, exploited tames have been left unchecked and the future of the PvP community is unsure. The issue of scripts is also a major problem. Either they need to be fixed immediately or the response time to tickets have to be quicker. In order to make the game enjoyable and balanced I propose the following:

Completely wipe all official servers and replace them with “Medium Servers”, wild tames would spawn from level 1-150. Leveling your character, caves and BP’s would be properly adjusted. Previous existing characters and premiums would be erased.

The removal of dungeons and filling their place with boss fights, which can be accessed by obelisks. Bosses would have different tiers of loot depending on their difficulty. 

Temporary eerie servers would be a way to tame eerie tames. 

The removal of eerie turrets and floaters. With the return of soaking, PvP would be far more enjoyable. Floaters are another exploit that needs to be removed permanently. A different turret could be added doing higher damage. 

Removal of all collars, stations, and preferably all baby care items. 

Removal of in game ads when you log into the actual game.

Servers population would not be capped at 50 for non-primal users, all servers would cap at 60 for both non-primal and primal users.

Revival platforms would still be used for deceased tames but chronicle tames shouldn’t require a revival platform.

Chronicling and unchronicling shouldn’t require amber to use.

Fixing the kibble exploit.

Removal of the pan. It became the new crowbar and should be removed.

Removal of in game ads on the screen. Instead the option to watch would be in the loot drop icon.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!