War Dragon's Future

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Anyone who plays past platinum level knows the game has been more than unstable lately, events breaking, atlas lag, icons missing etc... Even with all these issues PG has decided to aggressively focus their efforts on limiting information that players can access via API.

I'm aware some of the API's expose serious issues, such as auto trapping, these ones most definitely need closing, however PG is also attempting to restrict basic information that most of us use in one way or another to enhance our gaming experience.

Here is a summary of the situation, if you agree with these points, please consider signing this petition.

Atlas game-play has a variety of problems and incomplete features. PG has sometimes promised to fill these gaps, but has not been able to deliver solutions despite years of players asking. So the ability to pull information from the game directly to cope with these shortcomings has become essential to most teams.

The manner in which PG decided which features to include or not include was haphazard, poorly communicated, and didn't seem to be conducted with a clear knowledge of what should and shouldn't be in the API. The people making the decisions don't actually play the game or have a clear understanding of players' needs; various features viewable in-game were deemed not appropriate to include in the API, without any clarity on why.

* The new API is an incomplete product; rate limiting was introduced at the last minute, amid general complaints; there are bugs and general problems with the implementation. Worst of all, the old API was shut down, essentially forcing an incomplete product on us.

The news that the old API would be shut down was never actually announced; a PG employee simply said "there've been some updates" and edited an earlier post in the thread with the note that all old endpoints would be shut down. Very few people actually saw this before noticing that all their tools had suddenly stopped working.

The game has been stifling under crippling lag and increasing instability and bugs. This API, flawed though it is, clearly took a lot of time to make, during which no fixes to these problems were released, and its stability issues worsened. In view of these problems, we think that spending many engineering hours on limiting players' access to information reflects incredibly poor prioritization of problem.

We like our third party tools. They do a lot of things for us that the game should do, but doesn't. Please stop spending development effort in trying to limit them.

* The game is going through difficult times. Limiting the tools that make it worth playing or enjoyable seems in poor judgment and may have bad effects on the player base.