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Listening and researching this young women’s story I am motivated to try to start a petition. As a young girl Cyntoia browns biological mom did not care about her and had a bad drug habit. Obviously no children services were involved because a 43 year old man/boyfriend/pimp/racist took control over this little girls body and scaring her not knowing what to think. So he drugged her and did as he pleased by trafficking her around the streets. Over 21 days when you are drugged your body starts to rely on it now you understand why she couldn’t leave. As drugs take over this poor innocent girl she finally had the courage to defend herself from being raped and killed a man that was taking advantage of her. Like I said. DEFEND.  In the state of Tennessee theres this thing known as “Stand Your Ground”. LAW. This legal doctrine is also sometimes referred to as the “castle” doctrine.
The Tennessee Code Annotated that generally embodies the self-defense or Tennessee “Stand Your Ground” can be found at T.C.A. 39-11-611.
The Tennessee “Stand Your Ground” can be generally broken into five components:
1.Person not engaged in unlawful activity; (yes she was in unlawful activity but she was forced in unlawful activity and she was getting RAPED!!!!!!!!!!!)
2.Person in a place they have a legal right to be;
3.Reasonable belief of imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury; (her life was in danger)
4.The danger creating the belief of imminent death or serious bodily injury is real, or honestly believed to be real at the time; ( her body is being injured by getting raped and drugged)
5. The belief is founded on reasonable grounds. (She was getting raped!!! She had a reason to shoot him!) as you see this is a law in Tennessee where she should’ve have been found not guilty! So why is she guilty and why is she in prison? Is there something that the people who arrested her hiding???!? There is no reason for the women to be committed for murder!! It’s not murder when it’s self defense! Okay. So I’ve also came across that Cyntoia is NOW 25 years old, juxtaposing of street-wise youth and educated philosopher who is scoring high collegiate marks and enjoying work as a tutor, assisting inmates obtain their GED.  Okay she has her associates degree in prison? Why can’t she be outside where the real world is so she can start a new sober and safe life? Why can’t she work outside of prison and smell the fresh air from somewhere else besides a shit smelled prison? This women deserves to be able to start a new life instead of authorities controlling her in a prison building. This women needs freedom her own home and her own home cooking that she can enjoy instead of disgusting prison food. She needs to create her own life and family before she gets old then she won’t be able to enjoy finding someone special or creating life she wouldn’t be able to experience this. This women needs to experience the new positive out looks on life and actually get out and see the world!!! 

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