SIDEWALK SAFETY ! Needing a safe walk along the Chester Rd to King St. Windsor

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 The residents of Kings Meadow Residential Society and Community request that you the families , friends, and loved ones , join us in petition ,so that we may all have the ability to walk independently to our workplaces,  our schools, and events in the community and neighbourhood, safely and on a sidewalk for pedestrian use only. Wheelchairs users ,senior citizens, school children, baby strollers, are presently having to use the roads shoulder that only offers uneven terrain, with its constant erosion, fast traffic, no snow removal,and an unclear pedestrian crossing at King street, that the traffic tends to streams into two unmarked lanes at the stop sign on the "T", with traffic turning left and right onto King Street. Much of this traffic are eighteen wheel trucks that can barely make their turns at times, and when the traffic is congested as it gets throughout the day, this makes it very risky for pedestrians, as well as drivers. We feel that our residents, families, visitors , tourist, our seniors, wheelchairs, students,and children, are in need first most, of safety, as well as their independence, pro-activeness in physical activity that promotes a healthy, inclusive, and caring, community , for us all to live, work and play,