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Stoplight needed on the corner of Mendota Ave. and Caldwell Ave.

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Dear Alderman Napolitano & Concerned Neighbors,

Over the years, there have been numerous accidents that have occurred on the intersection of Caldwell Ave.and Mendota the North Edgebook neighborhood. In fact, there has been two accidents within the past 24 hours, one of which ended in a horrific fatality. It is important to note that there are two schools (Wildwood School and Saint Mary of the Woods School)  that share this unsafe area. Mendota Ave., in particular, is used as a main road for school pick ups and drop offs and has experienced an extremely heavy daily traffic flow.  It is time for us to take action, and we cannot let this continue. There has been a huge and growing concern in the Edgebrook,  Wildwood, and Niles areas, as well as in our extended and bordering communities regarding the excessive racing traffic down Caldwell.  Many complaints include making it hard to both pull into the fast traffic compounded with blind corners, as well as turn from Caldwell back into the neighborhood, and therefore having to make fast turns due to aggressive drivers both in the lane behind drivers and from the oncoming lane. The pressing concern is that there are endless accidents (documented), increased heavy traffic flow, and not enough stop lights to slow that type of  traffic down. Please note that police records on file will indicate sky-rocketting accident reports on the streets aforementioned.  Therefore we would like to advocate for a stop light to be placed on the corner of Mendota Ave. where it intersects Caldwell Ave. This will help to cease traffic where school drop offs are taking place, allow a much steadier flow of traffic, encourage drivers to anticipate a stop to occur and alleviate the "norm" to speed on that road....

But above all else - save precious lives!

Neighbors, please assist in this process and feel free to offer any feedback to make a stoplight at Mendota and Caldwell become a reality! Together we can show our genuine concern for our community and advocate for what really is a common sense point; a much needed traffic light on that corner to improve the safety of our kids, ourselves, and our entire community.  

Please sign the petition and thank you for make our community a great place to live!

With much appreciation,

Jennifer Landeen

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