WAPOL Task Force designated for motorbike theft.

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Addressed to WAPOL Commissioner Chris Dawson & WA Premier Mark McGowan.

This petition is a direct reflection of how the people, not only in Perth are feeling, but also the wider Western Australian community as a whole.

It was addressed on January 23rd 2017, that in the five years preceding the report, more than 12,500 motorbikes had been stolen making motorbike theft in WA the highest in the country. In another report dated July 2018, it was stated that recovery rates for those same 5 years reduced by 2% between 2013 and 2017, with 2017 having the worst recovery data for stolen motorbikes. 

Between September 2017 and September 2018, it was revealed that a motorbike is stolen on average every few hours with a total in that period of 1949 motorbikes stolen, just within the Perth area taking the state total to 2181.

At this point in 2020, Perth residents are fed up with motorbikes being stolen on a daily basis, numerous reported sightings and what continues to be a flawed justice system allowing this to continue with families left devastated at the fact they may not see their adored motorbikes again. Brazen thieves showing off their stolen trophies on both the Perth Streets and social media platforms taunting WAPOL and devastated victims.

WA residents take the law into their own hands in recovering their stolen property using social media, dash cameras and general community interactions - to what ending - the thief is protected, the motorbike ceased as stolen property and evidence never to be seen again. 

We the Perth/WA community demand more motorbike police with the abilities to go where vehicles cannot. This is how these thieves are evading WAPOL and continually get away. We understand WAPOL do their best to catch these criminals, but we need and deserve more. YOU need and deserve more. 

We need this into consideration - more WA residents are becoming targets of motorbike theft simply due to the thieves knowing they are harder to catch due to the lack of motorbike police.

This petition was written by a victim of a motorbike theft; who watches their bike being riden daily throughout Perth and is defenceless in getting it back. The petition is signed by everyone who's had a bike stolen, knows someone who has or WA residents frustrated with the current theft climate surrounding motorbikes and their recovery.