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Wanted: Breast Milk Banks in all Australian Hospitals

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I think we all agree that human breast milk for human babies is what's best for them - especially in their first few months of life. For a multitude of different reasons, however, it is not always possible for their own mothers to supply this. There are breast milk swapping charities operating in Australia, however they have trouble as they can't always be 'backed' by the medical profession - for fears of bacterial contamination. Due to this, formula is recommended. If you look at the ingredients of Baby Formula, it's a far cry from Human Breast milk. Some contain Corn syrup, demineralised milk solids, palm oil, minerals put back in in a much cheaper form. They're also devoid of the non-nutrient immune factors that breast milk is so rich in.

Royal Price Alfred Hospital in Sydney already operate a Breast milk Bank on the premises. They have the resources to properly test and quality control their donated breast milk; like a blood bank does with blood. 

This petition is to ask that all hospitals offer this service. I personally know of many women with oversupply, who have freezers full of expressed milk. They would love to know that they could donate it safely and locally to babies in need. This includes babies whose mothers have passed away, as well as babies whose mothers simply can't produce enough or whose supply dries up prematurely. There are also babies born prematurely, who need colostrum urgently; and often their mother's supply doesn't come in quick enough. 

I believe this is could be of huge benefit to the community. Please join me in asking our Government to consider this for Australia. Thank you.


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