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Want to have a Government that actually follows the Constitution?

If you want to see America financially and morally strong again. Then we must rid Washington from it's enemies within!

Recall: John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, Eric Cantor, John McCain, Fred Upton and Paul Ryan

These corrupt politicians took an oath to uphold the constitution of the US when they took office. Have they done that?  NO

They took bribes from various corporations to push their corporation's agendas over the people of the United States. The various corporations include the Insurance Industry namely Blue Shield/Cross, energy, electric companies pharmaceutical industry, and various financial industries.

These are the only reasons why these "self serving" politicians are adament about repealing the healthcare plan Obama put in place.  Because none of their puppet masters are happy with covering people with any pr-exhisting conditions.

This also why Fred Upton is waging war on the EPA a very much needed regulatory agency which Corporate America has PROVEN we NEED in place!

The corporations they serve are not willing to conduct business in a safe responsible manner without harming human lives or endangering our environment.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States
If we want to restore our Constitution in America and get back to being a Government "of the people by the people". As our forefathers envisioned. NOT being a country run by corrupt greedy self serving corporations.
Even though corporations do play a vital role to America.

America is NOT a corporation's play ground, where the greed which seems to overtake many of our CEO's, takes precedence before being a responsible provider of jobs and caretaker of our environment, profit MUST not come before these! This is why it is crucial to have America's regulatory agencies. Corporations have proven time after time they refuse to be responsible for adding contaminants to our people and our environment. These politicians have allowed our most vagrant polluters to hurt our citizens and environment for years! By pushing the myth that regulations hinder a company's abilty to do business. Which is a flat out lie. There are hundreds of companies within the US that follow the rules and make a sizeable profit!

This is why we MUST rid our Government from it's most corrupt politicians!

It is NOT acceptable to have a Corporations profit come before the welfare of America!
They don't contribute to Social Security, they pay the most minimum in taxes, they refuse to operate their companies in a clean safe manner so they don't endanger human lives nor our environment!

The American constitution wasn't "just" founded for millionaires and billionaires. It was created to get away from tyranny, these above mentioned Republican Congressmen and Senators have been holding America hostage through it's tyranical bullying to assure their puppet master's will rule America. This is more like the iIluminatti not the American Government....
Therefore they MUST go!

We Love America and will not stand by watching while these corrupt politicians destroy everything good about America. It's time to get rid of our enemies within. Recall every one of these men before America really does become bankrupt!

Each citizen living within their states they represent needs to start a recall action.

Each Corporate Executive should be contributing their fair share of taxes and not just shirk the burden to their wage earning employees.

America is great because, it's the citizens who are involved in making this great country great!
We won't allow our corrupt politicians and corporations take America down!

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