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The Aberdare Range (formerly the Sattima Range) is a 160 km long mountain range of upland, north of Kenya's capital Nairobi with an average elevation of 3,500 metres (11,480 ft). It is located in Nyandarua County, west central Kenya, northeast of Naivasha and Gilgil and just south of the Equator.

Over the recent times, logging and deforestation has been taking place at a very alarming rate and this has caused the vital water catchment area and several river source to deplete. These rivers are now drying up and the local residents are experiencing dry taps. Also this has lead to unpredictable harsh weather conditions since the usual rainy seasons are scarce or no more and the locals are experiencing drought since they're subsistence farmers. River Gura water volumes have gone low and the Tetu residents no longer have consistent water in their taps. More than a decade ago, Kagumo river used to break banks now it's a stream.

The wildlife in the range are also have been affected adversely.

After the online activism, Kenya Forest Service (KFS) has tried to justify the logging is legal and they're harvesting mature trees and for us this is unethical since the impact of the exercise has very adverse effects on wildlife, nature,weather patterns, local's farms and livestock due to the drying rivers and taps.

'We tend to put the environment last because we think the first thing we have to do is eliminate poverty. But you can't reduce poverty in a vacuum. You are doing it in an environment.'  - Prof Wangari Maathai

A journalist, Muthui Mwai wrote about the same issue more than a decade ago on the Daily Nation. 'Aberdares goes dry as nature hits back at man' - TUESDAY APRIL 25 2006

'River Muringato, whose water is piped to thousands of residents in Kieni West Division has almost dried up as well.'

If you believe in conserving the environment, you're against corruption which might be one of the key factors driving the deforestation,if you care for our wildlife which boosts tourism, if you care about our parents and relatives back in the villages around the Aberdares as well as the humankind PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION so that we can stop the logging and deforestation under KFS and save our forests,nature and humankind.

Let's make this trend and achieve our objectives.

#SaveTheAberdares  #SaveMtKenyaForest  #SaveOurForests

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