STOP Wandsworth Council from removing our Mural.

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We’re petitioning with regards to our recently refurbished shop, Yaya Cakes located on 727 Garrett Lane SW17 0PD.

Following the refurbishments which were completed on Thursday 18th October 2018, We have received a number of telephone calls from Wandsworth Council. The calls have been in reference to the artwork which has been completed on one side of our wall outside, of our shop. We have been informed by the council they have received a number of complaints with regards to this artwork.

Due to the nature of these complaints. According to the Council, the artwork must be removed within 7 days and by not doing so we will be committing a criminal offence. We're not being given a fair chance to appeal and apply for retrospective planning. We feel as though the Local Authority is taking an unreasonable and quite frankly discriminatory stance on the art work that occupies one part of the shop wall. 

We just wanted to give some background on Yaya’s Cakes and to provide some context of the artwork. The directors of Yaya Cakes are childhood friends with a passion for business and baking, We officially started our business 3 years ago. Yaya cakes is a bakery that specialise in bespoke cakes. We have worked extremely hard to build a reputable brand with a large following of people that have supported our journey from the very beginning. 

The artwork represents us: two young entrepreneurs who have worked exceptionally hard, under circumstances which many deprived young people systematically underachieve and fail in. This has not been easy, however the artwork represents exactly what we have been able to achieve as two young women, an image which should relate to the demographic of constituency. In such trying times for young people, particularly from the BME community. 

We feel as though this positive imagery should be embraced and warmly welcomed. It is therefore disappointing to hear it has not been. The local authorities have deemed our mural as an advertisement. This is quite clearly not the case, We’re purely trying to convey a positive message within the story behind Yaya cakes.

The mural was done by a well known artist named Carleen De Sözer. Carleen De Sözer has done projects with the Mayor of London, Tate Gallery and has just finished a mural on Alexandra palace. Carleen has a large number of murals throughout London supported by many councils.  

 We understand that not everyone will like this image but we hope given the background story, some of you will be willing to support us. The wall had not been maintained for years. It was deserted with nothing but dirt and cracked paint. As the lease holders, it is our responsibility to uphold the maintenance of the property.  We have brought life, colour, creativity and meaning to an empty wall. 

We have had so much positive feedback from members of the community, especially from the children that attend Burntwood Girls. We have had the pleasure of sharing our story and inspiring a number of young women. We have witnessed a number of children taking pictures by the wall. Our shop does not only provide catering, we also provide courses on cake making to children and young people. We are committed to providing positive opportunities to those in our local area.

 We, therefore, ask for your help in signing our petition to ensure this artwork is not removed.