We need proper public consultation over Rosslyn Park's advertising screens

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Please sign this petition to show that you object to the advertising screens on Rosslyn Park's boundary with the Upper Richmond Road.

We represent residents of Putney and surrounding areas who object strongly to the giant advertising screens which appeared in November 2015.

We believe that the installation of the screens opposite Barnes Common is completely out of keeping with the surroundings and creates an extremely regrettable precedent.  Further we believe that Wandsworth Council acted outside their remit by allowing commercial arguments to be used in Planning.

Our objective is the removal of the screens.  Our tactics are:

  • To petition for a review of the original Planning process
  • To shame advertisers and encourage them to boycott the screens
  • To draw RPFC’s members’ attention to the strength of local opposition
  • To ensure that full public consultation is embedded in any future Planning review

Rosslyn Park and Wandsworth Council state that the screens had overwhelming public support during Planning.  We contend that there was inadequate consultation with the public given the impact of the installations, and that the apparent support came from Rosslyn Park members who stand to gain from the revenue generated by the advertising.

By signing this petition you are showing Wandsworth Council and Rosslyn Park that there is significant opposition to these screens and that you wish for them to be removed as soon as possible.

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