Protect SEND Provision in Wandsworth

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Wandsworth Council are reorganising SEND advisory services which support pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other communication and language needs. 

These services are vital in ensuring the needs of some of the borough's most vulnerable children are met. They also offer invaluable support to parents and teachers who work with SEND children.

In order to ensure the quality of SEND provision is not damaged by this reorganisation, Wandsworth council must ensure there are:

- no redundancies of experienced professionals;

-no reduction in per-pupil funding of children on the ASD pathway;

-no reduction in the support available for families and teachers in schools and early years settings;

-no transfer of responsibility for SEND pupils from specialist services to already overstretched classroom TAs, teachers or other education workers;

-no reduction in support from known and experienced professionals for SEND pupils, especially at key transition phases in their education.