Objection to Tooting’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood LTN

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Wandsworth borough council have enforced a Low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) throughout Tooting without prior consultation nor adequate notice. Many neighbourhood roads have been blocked, trapping residents. Furthermore this work has been carried out with TFL road closure as well to compound the situation and skew the results of the 6 months trial period!

LTN’s have been proposed in the past and have been rejected in this area and now the council have used underhanded tactics to force their agenda upon residents misusing COVID powers and funds.

This has lead to severe delays in the area, increased pollution, stress, choke points, and is a danger to public safety.

Details of the plans can be found below


This has been done to enforce the use of cycling and walking, but Wandsworth, this is not a dictatorship. People have the right to choose their mode of transport and not be be vilified or impeded for their choice. Not everyone has a bike, many residents are elderly and struggle to walk. Not all journeys can be done on a bicycle. 

Wandsworth, remove the blockade on Tooting!