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Petitioning Wandsworth Borough Council

Tell Wandsworth Council not to punish innocent people!

Wandsworth Borough Council want to evict a council tenant for involvement in the recent London riots.

The problem is, the woman they're evicting had nothing to do with the riots - her son was the one involved. But if Wandsworth have their way, she'll be evicted and so will her 8 year old daughter!

Wandsworth know this but want to act tough for their own political gain. They want to make a strong stand for the public limelight. They want to be the first to evict someone.

It's not on. Regardless of how you'd like to punish the rioters, why on earth should you punish their innocent family?

Join with me in telling Wandsworth that it's not on. Punish the guilty, leave the innocent alone.

Letter to
Wandsworth Borough Council
I have heard that you are aiming to evict an innocent woman and her 8 year old daughter from their Council home for her son's behaviour during the London riots.

I do not agree with this action and question the legality of it. I hereby urge you not to punish the innocent.

I understand that there is a need to have justice done and that people need to know that they can't get away with violence and the destruction of property.

But, it is surely not right to use collective punishment. Surely this action is more likely to breed divisions than solve problems.


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