Wando needs to bring back senior quotes

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This year at schedule pick-up, the graduating class of 2019 was shocked to hear that instead of doing senior quotes, we would be doing senior signatures. Senior quotes are a right of passage, you grow up, thinking about what to put in your yearbook, what you will be remembered by, and all of a sudden the school decided to cancel them. This isn’t right. While we not only don’t get to do quotes, to put a signature where anyone can take it is a poorly planned idea. In the age of the smart phone, a signature can get you very far. You can open a credit card, sign paperwork, and the person responsible is the one with the signature. In Food and beverage, people trace over signatures to get a few extra dollars of a tip, and because it was signed it’s valid. Most of us will be turning, if not already be, 18 putting an added risk of being legal adults on top of other concerns. This is why I, many other peers in the Wando student body, and our parents all express concern and urge that you rethink the idea and go back to quotes. 

Thank you for your time. 

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