Price Reduction for Cinema Popcorn & Drink

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A Cinema experience should be one that's enjoyable & inexpensive. Unfortunately (as we may all have learnt) this is not the case. The recommended retail price of popcorn, confectionary and post-mix soft drinks are quite exorbitant. The profit & gain from such menial products far exceeds it's price point. This petition is to reduce the cost of such items to make it more affordable for all patrons to indulge in an entertaining time at the Cinema. 
One of the largest Cinema chains in Australia, 'Hoyts' is owned by a conglomerate referred to as 'Wanda Group'. This is a Chinese owned and operated company with offices in Sydney, Australia. 
The company's net worth is 30 Billion dollars to date. 
The wholesale cost of a cup of soft drink is roughly 10c.
The wholesale cost of a bucket of popcorn costs roughly $1-$2. 
This markup is unjustified and unruly.
We need to all ban together to put a stop to this. 

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