Walton Incentive Plan Change

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Incentive is a great idea- it creates a policy to discourage students from skipping school and rewards those who go to school regularly. However over the past years it seems to be unrealistic in action. With only two days that a student is allowed to miss, students often come to school sick, spreading disease around the school. Kids even come to school with the flu and get teachers sick. This happens so often that there is a nickname for it, the “Walton Plague.”

I suggest an increase to five days to be able to miss school, as this allows students to stay home while sick and fully recover and also allows for them to be able to schedule more doctors appointments. Another option is to allow students to not lose incentive with a doctors note. The current system only allows a student to keep incentive if they are admitted to the hospital. This would decrease the amount of diseases going around the school and increase the quality of student education as teachers and students would not be sick often.

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