Stop Heavy Business/Light Industrial rezoning on Rural H​.​D. Atha Rd


Stop Heavy Business/Light Industrial rezoning on Rural H​.​D. Atha Rd

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Terry Wood started this petition to Walton County Georgia Board of Commissioners and

The homeowners of the 2-year-old A1 Zoned Rural Residential community (Crossroads) directly adjacent to proposed development lot #C0750034 at 360 H D Atha Rd, represent $2.5M in appraised value and would suffer greatly from a B3 development in their front yards.

** Concerned Citizen Comment (9/2/2020) Below are a few excerpts from county planning standards that I believe speak against such a B3 development being granted across form this Rural Residential community.;  

Walton County Comprehensive - Plan 2017 Update

Goals & Policies (No.1 & 2)

1.       Preserve natural and cultural resources by concentrating development in and around established areas….

2.        Meet resident needs and attract newcomers and tourists by providing quality housing….

Needs & Opportunities- Housing

·         After significant nationwide decline, stakeholders cite a strong housing market in Walton County and point to ample land and infrastructure capacity for planned development, especially in the higher end of the price range

Natural & Cultural Resources - Needs

·         “Rural charm” was listed by stakeholders as a strength of Walton County’s; preserving the community’s character and resources should be a priority

Land Use - Character Areas Compatibility Index

Highway Corridor B3

*Note not all zoning and land use classifications will necessarily be appropriate in all locations within a character area.

** Concerned Citizen Comment (9/2/2020) Although the proposed lot does (Just) fall within the 1200' Highway Corridor distance, It would NOT be appropriate within the character area.   

Character Areas Defining Narrative - Rural Residential

Preserving rural character while accommodating residential growth is the predominant theme of this area. The aim is to encourage preservation of rural land and/or environmentally critical areas and discourage incompatible uses.

Implementation Measures

·         Protect rural and environmentally sensitive areas from the encroachment of incompatible uses by directing all new development to appropriate areas….

Character Areas Defining Narrative - Highway Corridor

The area is intended to accommodate larger-scale commercial development that is more oriented to the automobile traveler and requires major road access and higher visibility. The area is designed as a primary commercial destination and appropriate for major shopping centers or "big box" commercial centers, and for office and industrial use. Uses should be clustered in these locations with internal, interconnected transportation networks to mitigate adverse access management impacts along major arteries.


Adopted 5-3-16 Revised 1-7-2020

Section 210    General Business District (B3)

A.        Purpose and Intent

The B3 General Business District is primarily composed of heavy commercial and light industrial uses usually located near population centers and which may generate increased traffic and congestion. The intent of this district is to provide for special areas which, due to their location or current land use, have been set aside to allow uses which may not be allowed in the lighter commercial districts, but are not generally objectionable by reason of dust, odor, bright lights, noise or vibration. This district should generally be utilized as a buffer between heavier industrial and lighter commercial zones.  Such uses shall be subject to the following conditions:

1.   The proposed use is consistent with the policies of the Walton County Comprehensive Land Use Plan,

3.    Such proposed use is not inconsistent with neighboring zoning and current land use, and will when necessary provide adequate buffer between adjoining residential or agricultural districts,

** Concerned Citizen Comment (9/2/2020) The is no amount of buffer that would be adequate between this development lot and the adjacent homes. 


This petition made change with 18 supporters!

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