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Request to change to GGE CPZ

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The introduction of CPZ into the Francis Road neighbourhood has caused unnecessary difficulties to residents in accessing parking to themselves and their friends and families. Hitting the most vulnerable, already isolated groups 

In December 2016 we were unreasonably given an 8am-6.30pm Mon-Fri time zone. Primarily we request equal access to our neighbouring streets and propose a slightly shorter 10-4pm time zone.This will mean residents will still need to buy a permit and therefore the council will continue to generate the same revenue but we would then be in line with neighbouring streets such as Southern Grove Green Rd and those South of Francis Rd such as Warren Rd. Other areas in E11 such as Bushwood have much more reasonable 10-2pm time zones. We don't appreciate being sort out for longer unnecessary time zone 

We want equal access to visits. Especially those most vulnerable such as the elderly and young parents who depend on friends and carers being able to visit. Having different time zones in negatively effecting and dividing the whole community that previously didn't exist. We are concerned that in the evening drivers are parking in neighbouring 10-4pm zone so they do not need to move their car at 8am. Of course as you would of predicted the creation of GGE CPZ has pushed parking to those streets without a CPZ east of Francis Rd such as Elm Road. making parking for everyone unnecessarily difficult. Many residents have taken to putting their bins in front of their door to protect a nearby spot. Those that have moved bins have had their cars keyed. None of this conflict previously existed. 

We would like to take up Andrew Bourke's; Principal Engineer, Highways and Traffic Management at Waltham Forest kind offer of sending a petition to review this "experimental Traffic Management Order" directly to him.

We feel the original consultation was not supported properly with only a 20% response rate. It also did not offer us the lower restricted hours we would find most beneficial. 

10-4pm would allow independent businesses that feel they need parking for heavy and bulky items would also feel more supported. As customers with those needs could be invited to shop pre 10am or post 4pm. 

We also would strongly like to opt for

1. Wider parking zones. It seems ridiculous that for the money of an expensive permit one can park in part of Grove Green Rd for example, but not another part of the same road. This theme is continued throughout our area 

2. Greater use of 1 and 2 hour bays outside smaller independent shops, restaurants, places of worship and services such as Francis Rd (rather than all day parking zones which allow for car dumping) & Hainult Rd. Allowing Waltham Forest independents to flourish and not just big chains with large car parks 

3. Like other London boroughs such as Tower Hamlets we would like the freedom to park in other zones in our own borough for a short time - such as 1-2 hours included in the price of our permit, 

4. Streets such as Warren Ave & Claremont Rd are barely used for parking at any time of the day. Could these be restricted down to 10-2pm? Preventing community car dumping, allowing you to still collect revenue for permits from the residents but allowing a little local parking relief from those that have carer visits during the day. 

 All of the above are not intended as selfish acts but hope to help our community to flourish. We can support those most in need of the borough at no expense to you. 


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