Demand that WHS Addresses Racist Post by Graduating Senior

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In the past week a picture has surfaced on Facebook of a recent Walters High School graduate who had drawn a KKK uniform over his Snapchat photo with the caption "White power." This graduate is scheduled to walk in the graduation ceremony later this month and WHS has yet to make a statement regarding this incident. We believe that Walters High School needs to hold this student accountable for his actions and be a model to the community by stating that they do not condone this type of behavior. Walters is a small community made up of predominantly white citizens and the school is notoriously known for turning a blind eye in similar situations involving bullying and racism, along with not supporting minorities in the school. By signing this petition we are demanding that Walters High School make a statement addressing the incident from earlier this week and that they agree to never wait this long to say something again. We are demanding that Walters High School establishes and enforces a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and will begin to educate students on the true history of racial violence and injustice. If we continue to allow Walters High School to sweep these situations under the rug without taking responsibility, things will never change.