Costco, break free from single use plastic!

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We, the concerned global citizens call upon your corporation to review individual contracts with companies who take advantage of and over use single use plastic and demand that they provide their products in environmentally friendly and responsible packaging to your customers.  Costco takes pride in providing high quality and sustainable products and with your incredible financial success comes incredible social responsibility. You have the power to ask your suppliers to offer their products in other forms of packaging rather than single use plastic. We demand the use of tetra packs instead of non-recyclable plastics.  Tetra packs are cardboard boxes lined with layers of polyethylene, paperboard, and aluminum foil. Paperboard is renewable and provides proper stability and strength for any printing surface. The aluminum foil protects against light and oxygen, so whether it is food or shampoo; nutritional value, flavor, and all style agents of the product inside will remain top quality for longer.  The final material in a tetra pack is polyethylene which protects from outside moisture and allows the paperboard to stick to the aluminum foil. Costco is one of the largest wholesale food suppliers in the United States, over 3 million people enter Costco everyday. If half those people were to buy a 3 pack of Dove body soap, that would amount to 4.5 million bottles of plastic that will be trashed or recycled within days.  Whether they wind up in a landfill or in the ocean, the 4.5 million bottles will take a hundred years to break down and will eventually turn into trillions of pieces of micro plastics that will find their way into our waterways and soon our bodies. This is terrifying, and this happens if only half the people who shop at Costco buy the Dove body soap, in one single day. Imagine the amount of single use plastic containers that people carry out of your store on a daily basis.  You carry hundreds of products in single plastic use containers, an alternative to this massive amount of plastic is the Tetra Packs mentioned above. You have the power and means to change the market. Please use your power — influence the market, someone eventually will, it might as well be you.