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"Wander Over Yonder Season Three" deserves a chance

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I, Royal Macintosh, a critic based in St. Louis, MO, am looking for support in pleading Disney to cease the cancellation of Wander Over Yonder on Disney XD in June and give it the potential third season it at least deserves. The series is a phenomenally aspiring show, the effort that has been put into it has not slowed, and it should not have to shut down so, stop me if I'm wrong, premature. The show is unlike the plenty of shows I've seen on Disney Channel. Arguably, Wander Over Yonder is a cartoon that has never hindered in quality and I speak for many fans to say that season 3 would give us, and possibly the crew, the closure and full appreciation of the potential of it coming full circle.

Now as a critic, I can understand why they'd consider cancelling it. If the show has more serialized, less loosely structured episodes, people wouldn't go for reruns because there'd be less charm to go back to something already done and done. Steven Universe, while it is a excellent cartoon to go back to, does have this point in mind. Then again, this is Craig McCracken I am discussing here and now. This man has produced and has been apart of many great shows back when he was apart of Cartoon Network. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls are just to name a few, and they've all been hits with his ideas and capabilities. Not trying to sell you a million dollar pitch, but the man does know how to put charm and craft together if the opportunity comes.

We do not wish to affect any factor of the animation company, we just wish that potential that is given can be put into effect. I mean, we can't assume every episode will hit bullseye, but not every show imaginable can have perfect episodes every time. Season 3 would continue to present the talent that made fans enjoy it in the first place, certainly more than anthropomorphic food items (just being honest, that show has made less of a rating success than WOY). If you are thinking about, those out there, we should consider some compromise. Many can agree that there can be a middle road where both side can happy or at least satisfied with what can be given, especially when it comes to the animation industry and its affiliations.

I mean no disrespect towards company's decision. What I hope for the most from the company is that with the best people working behind it, WOY Season 3 will be the same happy-go-lucky, morally progressive series it's always been, but with more development that will considerably be thought provoking to the viewers while still being heartwarming and humorous. Looking at his official Tumblr page, it shows that not only is he on board with supporting the show for a little longer, but those episode descriptions he gives before they premiere gives is evident that he and the crew put effort and attention as much as any other beloved show on television. In my opinion, Wander Over Yonder is something I want to see more of, it is all around entertaining, and hopefully this petition can push Disney into giving more of the remarkable talent that us fans love/would love to see.

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