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To successfully create a season 3 of Randy Cunningham!

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As we are all aware, Randy Cunningham still hasn’t been picked up for a third season. The show has a lot of potential and what we know from its screentime appears to be just the top os the iceberg. RC9GN has been cancelled for a bit over two years now and the show still has a rising number of fandom members.

Now, we are all familiar with the amount of attention this particular shows pays to its fans. It’s beyond extraordinary. Which made me think; how many of us, animators, artist, writers, or students of the following, would be willing to help the crew with the making of a third season? My friend, @nathvods​ on tumblr,for example, who is an animation student, has already stated that she would be extremely happy to help – even if not getting paid, the experience and joy of bringing life to an extraordinary show would already be worth it. 

So I ask you, artists, writers, animators – anyone who could possibly help – to sign this petition if you would be willing to help for free. Who knows, maybe the staff could contact you! And even regular fans who contribute with occasional reblogging to sign this petition if you would be interested in a third season You can also contact @nathvods​ on tumblr and she’ll write down every tumblr URL of the members who would possibly be willing to help and their respective contributions (as in, storyboarding, writing etc) to show the staff how many people can contribute with what. Please specify which category you would like to be a part of so we can have the exact number. Join more than one if you will! Also please specify if you’re a major, student or still in school. Any help is welcome!


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