Rehire James Gunn! His past doesn't define his present self.

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Hello everyone,

This petition is for those who believe that James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy Director) was wrongly fired. Acc. to the Walt Disney Studios, he was fired as a result of his tweets about rape and pedophilia, which he tweeted 10 YEARS AGO! 

Ask yourselves, is this justified, to judge somebody on what they did a decade ago. Most of us were not even the same person 10 years ago, we go massive changes through a time this long. I agree what he did was not completely thoguht about and he too feels sorry about it, but haven't we all done something embarrassing online and always regretted it. Now imagine, your friends breaking up with you just because you did that embarrassing thing some years ago. I feel that this is completely unjustified and Walt Disney Studios should rehire James Gunn. He is such an amazing guy with a great sense of humor which we've seen in the GOTG movies. 

I hope all of us Marvel fans understand the importance of a good director and certainly James, since he is not new to us and we've loved his movies.

Please support this, since I do not see any other way the Studio Heads would listen to us individuals.

Thank You very much for reading this and helping the cause.