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A new super Mario Bros movie

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This is my life long dream movie that I wanna make happen. This is the reason I want to be an animator.

Here's my idea for an animated "Super Mario Bros" movie.

TITLE: "Super Mario Bros"

STUDIO: Walt Disney Animation Studios

DISTRIBUTOR: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

GENRE: Fantasy/Action/Adventure

DIRECTORS: John Musker and Ron Clements

PLOT SUMMERY: Many years ago, the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Kingdom were at war with each other. The original ruler, King George Toadstool (played by Keith Wickham) tried to make peace with the tyrannical King Bowser Koopa The First (Played by Frank Welker), but the ruthless koopa refused, killing King George Toadstool in the process. (Its a Disney movie, so of course one of the parents has to die). His wife, Queen Melody Toadstool (played by Nicole Oliver) witnessed the death of her husband and decided that the best solution was to send her daughter, Princess Peach Toadstool  to the another world, where she would be safe. She gave her a necklace that contained a picture of her parents so she wouldn't forget them. With one last tearful goodbye, Princess Peach is sent to another world where she would be safe. That place turned out to be the real world. Specifically New York City, where she was placed in a foster home. While she missed her home in the Mushroom Kingdom, she became used to life as an average American, and went by the name of Roxanne.  However, King Bowser Koopa The First's son witnessed his father die in the war and vowed revenge against the Mushroom Kingdom and the Toads that inhabit it. We then fast forward 20 years to present day, (This movie takes place in 1985) as we meet our main protagonist. A down on his luck, but still optimistic, bright eyed, 25 year old Italian plumber named Mario, and his timid 23 year old brother, Luigi. After his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Pauline, Mario met Roxanne (Peach) (who is now voiced by Jodi Benson) who is now 25 years old and gets the hots for her. However he wasn't sure if she was into plumbers, but after he and Luigi were called to her apartment room to fix her kitchen sink (they both live in the same apartment building, but Mario lived on the top floor, while Peach lived on the middle floor), Mario decides to finally ask Roxanne out for a date at Grimaldi's Pizzeria, to which Roxanne says yes. Luigi, not being very good with women, decides to stay at the apartment and play on Mario's Atari 2600. At first things go along very well on Mario's little pizza date as Mario and Roxane talk endlessly. Mario expresses that he's had a crush on Roxanne for quite a while and was surprised to find that Roxanne has been rather fond of him as well and liked how optimistic he was and liked his energy and the fact that he knew how to treat a lady, even if he wasn't perfect about it. At first, Mario thinks he's finally got it maid. After their dinner date, they take a walk down the streets of Brooklyn, enjoying the city sights, as they go back to Mario's apartment and go onto the roof as they see an entire view of the city. However just as Mario is about to make his move, they see a street gang of mobsters approach Mario's apartment door. Mario looks to see who it is, but it turns out that they want Roxanne and start trying to bust the door down. Mario tells Luigi and Roxanne to hurry down to the basement to hide, while Mario tries to fight them off but to no avail. They eventually find Roxanne and grab her. We then enter a chase scene where Mario and Luigi chase the mobsters down into the public sewers where they see the mobsters escape into a magical portal hidden within an unknown pipe. Mario tries to stop them, but the portal closes, leaving Mario and Luigi stuck outside the pipe. Mario becomes incredibly heart broken and has a hard time walking away form what happened. He tried to unclog what he thinks is an invisible blockage in the pipe, but it was no use. However, Roxanne left behind her crystal blue necklace. Mario holds onto it so he would have something to remember his would be girlfriend by. The next day, Mario can't seem to focus on his plumbing duties after what happened last night. Luigi tries to convince him to get over it, but Mario can't as he knew there was something odd about the pipe the mobsters escaped into. He was determined to find out and rescue Roxanne. Meanwhile a mysterious 10 year old girl who was lurking through the city, noticed Roxanne's necklace and snags it. Mario takes notice of this and he and Luigi chase her into the sewers. They corner her as they see her use the necklace to open the mysterious pipe and enter through it. Mario's about to race through the portal, but Luigi grabs his shirt and tells him that there might be danger and he doesn't want to lose his brother as he didn't know what was on the other side. Mario however doesn't listen and races through the portal. Luigi being nervous about this eventually races into the portal after Mario. They fall down a massive colorful passage before bursting out of a colorful pipe before falling through the roof of a castle as they are knocked out. When they wake up, they find themselves in a throne room and find the girl who stole Roxanne's necklace. The girl turns out to be a anthropomorphic mushroom named Kinopiko (but she prefers to be called Toad) as she along with her mushroom parents who were servants to Roxanne (Peach), explain to the Mario and Luigi that they have been warped to the Mushroom Kingdom. A land filled with anthropomorphic mushrooms and riches beyond your wildest dreams. They explain to Mario that Roxanne's real name is actually Princess Peach Toadstool, and how she was sent to the real world and that those mobsters were actually minions or the koopa army, led by King Bowser Koopa The Second (played by Harvey Atkin) and how he plans to marry Peach and take over the Mushroom Kingdom and turn it into a land of anguish and suffering so he can have world domination and avenge the death of his father. They explain how Mario and Luigi are part of an ancient legend that tells of two brave knights. One of red and one of green, and how they would bring forth three mystical mcguffins to bring an end to Bowser's wrath. The mushroom of growth, the fire flower, and the star of invincibility. Luigi explains how they aren't knights in shining armor, and are just plumbers in sludge covered overalls. However Mario, realizing what's at stake, decides to set off and rescue Princess Peach. They aren't sure he's up for it, but Mario insists as he not only wants to get his girl back, but also save her home land. Luigi isn't too keen on this journey, but reluctantly accepts the quest as well. Toad wants to go as well, but her parents initially won't let her because she's too young, but she insists as well because she has been a loyal friend to Peach and wants to help the Mario Brothers on their journey. They reluctantly say yes and agree to let her join Mario and Luigi. But before they set off, Toads's parents warn them that Bowser has an army of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, Bullet Bills, and Hammer Bros and will use them to make mince meat outta the Mario Broethers. Mario accepts the warning and off our trio go on their great mission to save Princess Peach.

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