Remake the Star Wars Disney Trilogy with George Lucas's Outline!

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In Bob Iger's Autobiography, it published that George Lucas had created an outline for a new star wars trilogy. With a copy being sent to Bob Iger, Alan Braverman, and Alan Horn. It appears that the outline has been thrown away by the current heads of Disney and LucasFilm.

Due to this transgression, this petition is designed to compel Disney into remaking the Sequel Trilogy. This also includes the denouncing and de-canonizing of J. J. Abrams's New Hope Rip-Off, Ryan Johnson's subversive catastrophe, and J. J. Abrams's future dumpster fire. 

By signing this petition, you state that you want Disney to remake the Sequel Trilogy based off of George's outline and direction. However, you will also vow to not watch the "The Rise of Skywalker" in theaters as a method of protest.

If you all genuinely wish to enact change, then you must make "The rise of Skywalker's" box office returns match that of Solo's.

Will you sign and make the vow?