Promote Dave Filoni to President of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Promote Dave Filoni to President of Lucasfilm Ltd.

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Lucasfilm, we Star Wars fans want a change to happen. Since April 2014, the Expanded Universe was rebranded into Legends, and a new Star Wars continuity came under the name of Canon.

To the current Star Wars staff, we have given you more than enough opportunities, and as we see you don't want to stop calling us "toxic" and want to continue the war against us fans, we kindly ask for the deposition of Kathleen Kennedy and promotion of Dave Filoni as President of Lucasfilm, a man who truly cares about fans, and not about money. It's obvious that, because of the poor writing of the films and throwing the whole Expanded Universe to trash, displeasing many fans included myself, and writting a new continuity full of plotholes and badly written aswell as badly explained characters like Snoke or Rey, Star Wars is on decline, and Marvel is eclipsing the galaxy far, far away.

To Dave, you have created two masterpieces (Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels) and you have more than enough potential to become leader of Lucasfilm. You have pleased Star Wars since 2008 with your masterpieces, and Star Wars would be WAY better with you, in a new golden age like Marvel.

Suggestions on how to resurrect Star Wars from it's current crisis, directed towards Dave and Lucasfilm Ltd.

  • Write a new Canon, an adaptation of the Expanded Universe, but including Star Wars: Rebels and Rogue One as part of it, all put together with some changed stuff to make both universes fit together. This would mean that Star Wars would enter a golden age of movies, due to the vastly extense Expanded Universe. Some EU stuff could be changed too, for example Chewbacca and Mara Jade not dying, change the galactic invaders from Yuuzhan Vong to the Original Sith, etc.
  • Present Canon would be renamed to Old Canon, and the new Canon would be renamed to New Canon, to avoid confusion.
  • Star Wars: Resistance and Episode IX, aswell as the new incoming movies and series inside of the current Canon needn't to be cancelled, but they should be produced in harmony together with the proposed New Canon, to please all Star Wars fans.
  • Rewrite the era spanning from ca. 40 ABY to 138 ABY.
  • Produce movies and/or series about:
  1. The era spanning from the Mandalorian Wars to Knights of the Old Republic II (3963BBY - 3951BBY)
  2. Galactic Cold War (3653BBY - 3630BBY)
  3. New Sith Wars (2000BBY - 1000BBY)
  4. A movie or a series about Darth Plagueis and Palpatine.
  5. A trilogy about Dark Empire (10ABY to 11ABY)
  6. Various movies about the New Jedi Order era (from 11 ABY to 40 ABY)

Disney, if you want to get the hearts of the fans back, you must start a new Canon with the ideas said up there and promote Dave Filoni, who is himself a TRUE FAN of Star Wars, to President of Lucasfilm, it will start a new golden era for Star Wars. I do not hate Disney, neither Lucasfilm, and you have potential to make all of this come true, but it is up to you guys. We, the fanbase, still have hope that Star Wars can stop declining. Thank you for listening, and may Dave Filoni be promoted, as he is the only one that can make this happen.

Dave Filoni, you are our only hope.

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