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Please Disney, retake the original plot of "The Emperor's New Groove"

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Do you remember "The Emperor's new Groove"? Well actually the movie that came out was not at all the original idea with which the project started. The original idea began in 1994 being a drama of comedy and romance with the total of 7 songs created by Sting called "The Kingdom of the Sun", based on the novel of "The prince and the beggar" of Mark Twain, where it was told the story of Kuzco an Inca emperor consented and Narcissist (as it was also in the final project), that one day discovers that he has a distant cousin named Pacha that is a peasant who lives in the kingdom that's phisically exact to him. Pacha goes to see him one day and they decide to change their respective role so that they can live the life of the other and relax. Do you remember the crazy scientist named "Yzma"? Well in the original idea the only thing that did not change was its name and appearance, since the original Yzma was the royal embalmer's daughter and secretly a very powerful sorcerer who taught his daughter (Yzma) everything he knew about the dark arts. Returning to the original story as Kuzco and Pacha changed roles, Yzma was plotting a plan to summon a demon to destroy the sun and like this she would cease to get older, becoming young forever and ruling with the beings of darkness the world . Then in the middle of all this, there is a princess with whom Kuzco had to marry but she didn't like him at all because the emperor was cocky and spoiled, but when Pacha toke the role he behaved with her dastrictly different, being nice, kind and empathic, making that they began a romance. Meanwhile Kuzco discovered the plans of Yzma and she turned him into a llama so that he didn't say anything of her plan, to which he tries anyway to go to warn Pacha. On the way there, he falls in love with a female llama. And there's not much more of the story because Disney by a matter of time and contracts canceled the idea (being the movie a 50% of it already animated!) and the directors Roger Allers and Matthew Jacobs left the project, and then Disney hired Mark Dindal to finish the movie, turning it into a movie of pure comedy since the contracts with Coca-Cola and McDonalds had to be fulfilled. I recently discovered this and now that I know it, I'm thinking that maybe if they had finished the original project it would have been more successful and me for what I read I would have liked it much more, they even recorded the songs that later where not used except of "My funny friend and me". You can listen to them on YouTube, since if this does not convince you that this idea should have been done and not what they finished doing, the songs will do it. especially Yzma's solo song called "Snuff of the Light" or "Extingan la luz" in spanish (cause they recorded it in spanish too before it was cancelled). I know it will be difficult for Disney to listen to me and get back to the original project, and I do not care if it is done in film or Broadway format, but I really think the original story is too good to leave it rotting in oblivion (and I'm not the only one who thinks so).

PS: For more information on "The Kingdom of the Sun", look on the Internet for the documentary "Sweatbox" which tells the whole story of the production of the film. And Kronk in the original idea never existed, Yzma's henchman was a living Mayan figure called Hucua preformed by Harvey Fierstein.

The Songs (It's an album with other Disney songs but there are the 7 songs of the film):

"Snuff of the Light" in spanish


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