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JarJar Binks become a sith in the 9th StarWars episode

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A whole generation of people, myself included, who didn't grow up on the original trilogy learned to love this character, and a great number of people who did hated this character. I fully acknowledge and understand the hostility towards Jar Jar Binks. But with that being said, both sides of the coin have been supporting and going completely insane over this recent fan theory that's been increasingly sprawling all over the internet:

Jar Jar Binks is an evil, Sith Lord mastermind.

I won't go into specifics, but many individuals have been spreading this compelling, well thought-out theory through the writing of detailed articles, lengthy blog posts, and the creation of multitudes of videos online. People who weren't even die-hard fans of Star Wars, along with fanatics who reviled this character, became so intrigued and have struck massive interest into the idea that the comical Gungan we grew to love or hate was this evil genius that was more than meets the eye.

If this fan theory, this idea, came to life in big screen in the Star Wars sequel trilogy-- it would appeal to the masses of the whole Star Wars fandom spectrum. It would address and potentially right so many wrongs. It would offer both risk and fan-service.

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