Give the Star Wars Prequels more recognition.

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There are many Star Wars Fans out there who love the Prequels as much as the Originals. But due to lack of credit the Prequels get, they are - let’s face it, basically ignored as a whole when it comes to merchandise, clothing, and much more. The Originals are depicted as the nexus of Star Wars, and this needs to stop. We need equal credit and respect for the Prequels and the Originals, whether you enjoyed the Prequels or not. What we need is more recognition, more merchandise, and more people to realise the Prequels aren’t as brutal as people say they are. You could argue that when the Prequels were first released they did have plenty of recognition and merchandising. But today that seems to have faded, and there is practically zero Prequel merchandise. Now some people go to the extreme of not counting the Prequels as a part of the saga, or saying that only the Originals are worthy of interest. Sure, they weren’t perfect, but nothing is, and without them the great saga we know as Star Wars wouldn’t be the same. Whether you like the Prequels or not, I urge you to give these films the respect they deserve, and sign this petition so that others can follow.