Give Johnny Depp his role as Captain Jack Sparrow back!

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Johnny Depp has been fired and turned down for roles due to Amber Herd's scandalous lies over the past. His most beloved role, was stripped from him due to her accusations, a role he named his own son after.

Evidence has surfaced of Amber's lies. Audio clips, pictures, witness reports, even her own words. Even with this proven, Johnny's name is still put through the mud and he has not gained many of his jobs back. 

They are now trying to cast someone else to take up Captain Jack's character! Not only is that disrespectful to a man who gave his best performances and time to many movies, it's just plain wrong. This man deserves his roles, every single one of them. 

In light of the recent evidence of Amber Herd's lies, I full heartedly believe Johnny should be released of all harm caused by her. (Not that I personally believed her anyway.) His roles should be returned and his name be cleared from hate. 

Give Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow back!!!