Release the 3 Hour JJ Abrams Cut of The Rise of Skywalker

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Many enjoyed the released cut, however not as much as they could have. While likewise, many really didn’t enjoy it. JJ Abram’s original vision is the one we need, and not the product of Disney executives meddling in the creative process. If only to know what the true story wasn’t meant to be.

Speaking on the behalf of the Star Wars fandom, it is imperative that JJ’s 3 hour cut see the light of day. We don’t want corporate meddling, we want JJ and Chris’s creative vision.

Luckily Disney is in the perfect position to release the JJ Cut, with the Disney+ platform. That way fans can choose the option to watch either cut of the film. If the JJ Cut is successful, I think many would like to see it in theatres as well. However either way, the fact remains that the fans want JJ’s original cut.

Disney will gain stronger trust with the fandom if they are willing to put their own trust into their creators. JJ should have had his creative freedom since TFA. JJ’s vision is what the fans need. It’s what Star Wars needs.

Fan communities across the internet are continually talking about the JJ Cut. What was in it? What did we miss out on? There is a greater story there and it’s obvious when you look at the Disney Cut how much is missing. The pacing is unfortunate and you can tell it was stitched together at the last second. There are plot points that are dropped and unresolved. Something which is extremely disappointing.

Please, for the love of Star Wars, release the 3 hour JJ Cut.