Disney: Drop James Gunn's Script and Do Not Pay Him!

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In July of 2018, masterful filmmaker James Gunn was removed as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a blockbuster to be produced by Walt Disney and Marvel's entertainment companies. This was the result of the resurfacing of several tweets in which Gunn stated that he had raped and sexually abused several children, something he somehow thought was in good humor. One particularly shocking tweet was a response to Huston Huddleston sending Gunn a video entitled "100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves". Gunn excitedly said that the video made him "[cum] all over [his] face!" In June of 2018, Huddleston plead guilty to possession of child porn, and as of September 2018, he will be on a sex offender registry. It is disgusting that a friend of Huddleston, and one who constantly joked about raping kids while in his 40s remains on Disney's payroll. Disney has maintained that Gunn's script will still be used, and that he will receive TEN MILLION DOLLARS for his work. This petition asks for the common-sense rejection of this plan by Disney and Marvel, in a show of solidarity for children everywhere who are abused