Disney: Rehire Gina Carano

Disney is now in violation of the 1st Amendment, in my opinion...whether you agree with Gina's comments or not. Until Gina is re-hired with an official apology and huge raise, Im no longer investing in Disney or buying any Disney products. I consider myself a political centrist, and I think that some of Gina's comments about Nazi Germany are correct. If anything Gina just made her opinion and it's not far from the mark...The Jews never thought their own people would go so far until it finally happened, either. I remember reading stories from holocaust survivors who's parents reassured them that 'they were all German, no one is coming for you'...and over time the German News and government turned against a certain type of people and we all know what horrors led from there. History repeats itself and I have no doubts that this horrible time in history could repeat itself anywhere in the world, including America, and that we are already seeing similarities now. There's plenty of evidence of this in the history books and from holocaust survivors own words to this day...even many rabbis are discussing their fears about the Far-Left's cancel culture these days in synagogues around the US, as well as many Christians and anyone who might be considered conservative. The Leftists go into an insane "cancel mode" if ANYONE says something that they disagree with. People need to learn that pretty much all opinions and points of view and freedom of speech is welcome under the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America. People need to learn to accept other people's opinions without freaking out and having a meltdown if they disagree with another persons thoughts. America's Founders viewed political discourse and freedom of speech as hallmarks of a free and just society. If this cancel culture continues then we really are going down a book-burning spiral that we may never recover from. A Constitutional Republic is not meant to be a mob-rule/majority-rule society. Freedom for ALL. Disney, do the right thing and correct your mistake. We all must support our nation together and do what we can to make America a place that we can all love and support together, instead of hating everything about our past and giving up all loyalty to this nation. We really do need to unify as a nation; and cancel culture is NOT the way to resolve our issues. At what point does everyone agree that everything is perfect again and they're ready to support America moving forward? Nothing is perfect, but we all need to start trying harder to get along and accept one another instead of silencing the opposite side. God Bless America, & Long Live The Republic.

David Wolfman, Oceanside, CA, United States
4 months ago
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