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Walt Disney Company: Welcome back the Cranium Commandos back to the Disney family

Disney has been famous for some famous names throughout its historical progression, whether from Mickey Mouse's long lost 'brother' Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, through to the endearing Princesses from some of their films, and even those native to Disney's theme parks (especially Dreamfinder and Figment, historically native to EPCOT). Of course, in the context of EPCOT history, it seems that Disney is forgetting another name (or set of names) in this day and age. It's Buzzy. For those who do not know him well, he is the protagonist who had starred in a theme park attraction, Cranium Command (1989 to 2007), native to Epcot. The premise is that he was to pilot a 12 year old boy through a typical day in order to win the appeal of his superior, General Knowledge. The attraction once was stationed in Epcot's former Wonders of Life pavilion, to the appeal of guests who have enjoyed the show for its ability to combine an educational message with an entertaining story and premise. As the Wonders of Life pavilion closed down, so did some visible memories of the show... and Buzzy's place in history along with is. Sad, isn't it? While certain aspects of Epcot had come and gone, including the attraction, some aspects of Epcot history have made a comeback, especially Figment as Epcot's 'unofficial mascot'. Even, few by few, some of Epcot's original characters (SMRT-1, the Horizons robot butler, the fruity cast of Kitchen Kabaret...) have also been featured in merchandising (a form of them being remembered), catering to the nostalgic crowd. Even his neighborly attraction, Body Wars, has even got a mention. Poor Buzzy. While there is interest in Epcot history, one must know that there is a missing piece of the history in the form of acknowledging Buzzy as an important, although seemingly unimportant aspect of Epcot history. While a minor appearance is a start, note that Buzzy doesn't deserve to be forgotten, not at a time when interest in past Epcot attractions for nostalgic value is rising. Have a heart for the character famed for using his head in years past.
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Walt Disney Company
In recent years, I have been aware of Epcot bearing a wonderful rich history, especially since its 30th anniversary. Epcot has been a unique Disney theme park in its own, especially in its attractions past and present effectively communicating the optimistic aspects of human innovation (such as Horizons presenting visions and hope for the future), as well as some of its character icons (Dreamfinder and Figment) who have nestled their way into the hearts and memory banks of guests past.

On the subject of memory banks, it seems that while most of the characters of Epcot past have been remembered, particularly presented in the public eye, it seems that there is one character that appears to be sadly forgotten, and in need to be acknowledged.

Buzzy is a protagonist, a bumbling inexperienced pilot recruit starring in one of Epcot's well known attractions, Cranium Command (1989 to 2007), formerly in the Wonders of Life pavilion. In the attraction, he was assigned to pilot the brain of a 12 year old boy through a typical day at school, to win the approval of his superior, General Knowledge. While his attraction was praised with its successful blending of an educational message ("Use your head, don't lose your head!" An unforgettable phrase remembered by guests) with an entertaining story and cast (raised a step higher by his celebrity-starring body crew), once the Wonders of Life pavilion closed down, so did some memory of Buzzy and his attraction along with it.

While interest in the attractions of Epcot past has begun to rise, especially with Epcot's recent anniversary being celebrated by guests, and even cast members, it seems there could be room for at least one more to celebrate Epcot's successes. While Figment was successful in merchandising (before Mickey moved in to Epcot), all that Buzzy might need to be welcomed back into the family is that one little spark.

One little spark to welcome him... and the Cranium Commandos... back to the Disney family. Let's have a heart for an Epcot icon who taught us to use our heads, not lose it!

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