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Walt Disney Company: DO NOT replace the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom with Starbucks

I'm a faithful consumer of all things Disney including merchandise, movies, music and most importantly a regular visitor of the Walt Disney theme parks. I am also a VERY regular customer of Starbucks and fully support the service of Starbucks products at Disney theme parks.

However, the Walt Disney Company has announced plans to REPLACE the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom with a Starbucks storefront. This is an unimaginable travesty that will only detract from the warm, comforting and fully immersive experience of Main Street USA.

We ask that the Walt Disney Company either find another location in the Magic Kingdom for Starbucks OR another means in which to serve their products.

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  • Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
    Thomas O. Scaggs
  • President, Walt Disney World Resort
    Meg Crofton

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