Cast Dominique Jackson As Storm

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Marvel, you have an opportunity to add some much needed diversity to films as well Hollywood.  With the recent merger between 20th Century Fox and Disney, the 'X-Men' franchise could be rebooted  with new faces that correct Hollywood’s history of racism and transphobia by giving a chance to black Trans actors and actresses. Fans of the the X-men’s Storm finally deserve to see an on-screen version of her that matches the strong black woman leader we grew up with from the comic books. Don't pass this up, Marvel! Cast Dominique Jackson as Storm!!! 

If there’s anyone that could fill Storms cape it would be Ms. Jackson. From fleeing persecution as a transgender woman in her home country of Trinidad to being a pioneer and leader for the Ballroom and LGBTQ community, Ms.Jacksons knows what it’s like to feel to be an outcast only to find strength in  community. Ms.Jackson journey has all the makings of a true X-men, compassion, nerve, and leadership. Appearing in the Emmy nominated drama “Pose” as Elektra, Ms. Jackson knows how to command any scene she walks into while also being able to deliver strong witted monologues off the top of her head just like Storm does before summoning a bolt of lightning. How amazing would it be to have Jackson deliver the same type of reads with the added power of lightning and thunder? It would be epic

Casting Ms.Jackson will finally give fans a spot on portrayal of one of the most beloved comic boom heroines of all time.The X-men have always represented marginalized groups of people. People of color and LGBTQ+ individuals all feel oppressed more than ever in today’s society. Casting a black trans women as the iconic character would reach out to new demographics by depicting the heroine  as strong and unapologetic leader who like the rest of us is also human.