Help Bring Back X-Men The Animated Series

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X-Men TAS is often regarded as one of the best, if not THE best animated adaptation of a comic book. TAS introduced countless people to the X-Men by telling some of the most accurate depictions of source material of any adaptation including other animated series, and live action projects. 

The team behind X-Men TAS plans to approach Disney and pitch the return of the series. My goal for this petition is simply to show Disney how many people support this project. Whether it be on television or a streaming service such as Hulu or the new Disney Plus, please sign this petition if you would watch this show. 

The team behind X-Men TAS is an intelligent and remarkable group. They will likely come up with a pitch that the execs at Disney can't refuse. However, let's show our support anyway and show Disney how excited we are at the possibility of this shows return.

If we can make even the slightest difference, then let's do it! Let's help this show rise from the ashes like a phoenix!

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