Keep all Dorms Co-Ed at Walsh University

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This morning, all residential students of Walsh university received an email informing them that as of Fall 2019, certain dorms - Alexis (Seanor) Hall, Menard Hall, and Betzler Towers will be made single-sex dorms. Instead of there being clear upperclassman dorms and underclassman dorms, now there will be single-sex dorms and co-ed dorms. Alexis (Seanor) and Betzler have been designated for men, and Menard has been designated for women.

This change will impact many students negatively if it comes to fruition. Currently, all these buildings are co-ed dorms, and by changing them to single-sex, many students will lose their current housing assignments. By designating these buildings single-sex, the demand for housing in other buildings will rise, and this demand will not be met - thus there will be a significant amount of students in single-sex housing who will be placed there against their will due to housing overflow. Menard and Alexis were also previously underclassman dorms, in which many freshmen and sophomores lived in living learning communities (designated for special groups on campus like the Honors College) and made friendships with their fellow classmates. This change will eliminate any true freshman dorm and prevent freshmen from getting to know one another through community living, specifically members of the opposite sex. Many students at Walsh cite the community living, specifically in the underclassman dorms, as a large positive - this community would be irreversibly changed upon the institution of this new policy. All in all, this change will result in numerous discontent, upset, and lonely students. There have been many students who have expressed a wish to transfer schools or drop out of campus housing should this decision be finalized.

Finally, the main reasons cited by the notifying email for this change are Catholic Identity and increasing demand for this type of housing. The first reason has no backing. Catholic teaching does not and never has argued for single-sex dorm housing, and does not teach that the sexes must be segregated in this way in order to follow teachings - thus, this argument is completely invalid. Walsh already observes privacy hours and has sex-designated floors and wings - which ensure privacy without damaging community. In addition, Walsh University is a Catholic institution, but only 50% of its students are Catholic, meaning that this will cause a negative view of Catholicism and its teachings throughout the university, not to mention a great divide between the university's administration and the students. As for the increasing demand, this was not something which I have observed. All the students I have talked to think that this is an unfair and outdated policy - and especially unfair is the imposition of such a thing on short notice. 

I chose Walsh because it was a good university without exaggerated rules which aim to show "Catholicism", unlike some other schools. One of Walsh's best qualities is its community living and sense of belonging. With single-sex dorms, campus will become more divided, classmates will be alienated, and the opportunity for healthy relationships with the opposite sex will diminish. This change is unfair to all students, as it limits their choices and goes against what so many love about their university. At a Catholic University, men and women should live in community with one another without worrying about puritanical lines drawn between sexes like entirely separate dorms. Single-sex dorms are not the solution to residence hall problems, and they will create more trouble than they are worth. 

Privacy is one thing. Lumping residents into single-sex dorms and citing "Catholicism" is another.

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