The Relocation Of The New Leaf Centre Pelsall Lane Rushall

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 This petition has been raised due to many incidents happening within the vicinity of Rushall Primary School , first friends nursery and the surrounding area over the past 12 months .

last year there was a very serious incident where youths from the New Leaf Centre tied a metal wire to an entrance near to first friends nursery at neck height if it wasn't for a quick reaction one of our 3 girls could have been seriously injured ( the results could have been FATAL)

This entrance is where parents are carrying young children and even babies into what should be a safe and secure environment and could unwilllingly be putting there children at risk due to these pupils 

There is also a high risk within the community where there have been numerous incidents of these children intimidating members of the public 

Here are just a few examples 

* A disabled gentleman on a mobility scooter was surrounded and told to get off his scooter upon refusing they proceeded to shake the scooter with him on it 

* A mom was surrounded by youthsand verbally abused and intimidated after dropping her children off at rushall primary 

* Another mother was SPAT at as she crossed the road with her young daughter 

* Hanging around the bus stops on pelsall lane and walsall road intimidating parents and people who live along the road

Damaging bus stops along pelsall lane and walsall road 

* Bus drivers refusing youths onto buses due to fear and intimidation and harassment 

*Pupils of Rushall Primary School being bullied as they walk to school (bear in mind the pupils at new leaf are secondary school age ) Rushall pupils are 11 and under . The mentioned child is 11 yrs old he was verbally abused and intimidated and set upon by a few youths while alone 

*Bricks thrown at cars and houses a long pelsall lane and walsall road 

* New Leaf pupils walking in the road and standing infront of moving vehicles 

Children in yr 6 at rushall having lessons disturbed and being subjected to vile abusive language hand gestures , fighting , violence and smoking DRUGS in the areas outside there classroom 

This petition is aimed at getting the new leaf centre relocated to a more suitable site 

Both Rushall Primary & First Friends Nursery are outstanding and have a amazing reputation for a great learning atmosphere and safe guarding our children 

We are hoping that we can all pull together to make a real difference To support both rushall and first friends and the Local community to ensure a safe environment for our children and the safety of local residents 

The site in which the NEW LEAF CENTRE is situated is obviously not suitable 

This is not a vigilante against the pupils of new leaf or a discrediting of Rushall Primary or First Friends Nursery but striving to protect our children and ensure New Leaf pupils a safe and controlled schooling 

We know the Teachers Parents Children and Local Residents will be grateful of your support as school should be a stress free , safe , enjoyable experience and residents should be able to live in peace 

This is what as a Rushall Family is our priority and what we are trying to achieve 


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