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Evergreen Elementry School Lost My 5 Year Old Child!

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On Monday at 1:30 pm my son was getting released from kindergarten at Evergreen Elementry in Diamond Bar. The pickup situation is a circus with parents fighting to get their children. The teachers are supposed to ask the students if they see the person who is picking them up and then the teacher is supposed to make eye contact with the parent/provider and once eye contact is made then the child is supposed to be safely handed off. In this case this is not what happened. My providers assistant was there wanting for my son since 1:28 pm. My son said he saw her and his teacher said she looked to make sure she was there and then proceeded to send my son through to fight the crowd of parents. When he got through he didn't see my providers assistant anywhere and since he’s 5 yrs old and didn't know that if he didn't see her he should have walked back into the school. He then proceeded to walk down the street trying to make his way to his provider’s house. He was found walking down the busiest street in the city over a mile from the school. We are very lucky that he didn't get hit by a car or even kidnapped.  Now I’ve been going back and forth with the school and school district about how we are going to fix this issue, but the school doesn’t want to take blame. They say they did their job and it was my providers assistant's fault. My providers assistant said that she never saw my son or the teacher, that there was no eye contact made. I’ve been told 3 different scenarios that happened, first the teacher did see my providers assistant, second she didn’t see her and lastly that there are so many parents and children that is impossible to keep track of everyone. Whether the teacher saw my providers assistant or not they did not make sure he was safely handed off to anyone. I want the school to fix the pickup issue and I want it for all children, not just mine. But the way they want to fix it is by making it that my son is the only one that gets this special treatment, making my child feel like he has special needs or he’s some kind of criminal that needs to be handled differently than the rest of the children. Please help me with this issue so that this doesn’t happen to any other children. This was the worst day of mine and my child’s life and no other parent should have to go through an experience like this because the school refuses to except that they were in the wrong and don’t feel that they should have to change this safety issue. Bottom line is that my son did not make it into the hands of my providers assistant and he should have been.

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