Walnut Creek Water Special Utility District,

Walnut Creek Water Special Utility District,

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Walnut Creek Water Special Utility District, President Frank Henderson and Board Members.


As consumers of Walnut Creek SUD, we are requesting residential water rates be reduced due to the number of erroneous bills generated by your office. After listening to Deihi Representative Danny Pardon speak at the meeting on November 15, 2021 about the bugs in data transmission from meters to billing it seems obvious these errors, over charges and false data is causing major hikes in water bills. Your budget and audit results report a healthy surplus of funds, while our bank accounts and patience are bankrupt.

Please DO NOT Tell us to be patient while you work through these errors or demand that it is our responsibility to hold you accountable on fraudulent bills created by your office staff members. If bill correction is our job to do, then what exactly does your office do? This is unacceptable. We demand resolution.

Your budget states revenue is up by almost 13%, however expenses are only up 1%. SUD data research indicated your tier prices per gallon are amongst the highest in Texas (details will be presented at the December meeting.) 

We propose you lower your rates by 20% across the board, waive all $9 late charge fees retroactive to November 1, 2021. Also, we request you hire an auditor to come in and audit the 300 new accounts that you admit have meter errors in transmitting data to ensure that no overcharges were pocketed by Walnut Creek SUD.

We also strongly recommend you properly train your office on how to professionally handle customer questions, concerns and complaints, without calling customers derogatory names. Also please ensure they understand the Open Meetings Act. Meetings are public and we will not tolerate being told we cannot come into the meeting by your office manager. We will report all OMA violations.

In conclusion, please consider how these enormous bills negatively impact our family’s budget and may cause some of us to sell our homes to escape the Walnut Creek SUD monopoly. The time for change is now.

169 have signed. Let’s get to 200!