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Join Teachers, Advocates, & Civic Leaders in Opposing The Secessionist Movement! NO NUSD!

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We, the community members of the Northgate feeder pattern, believe that a city council resolution in support of the movement to create a new school district would be an endorsement of exclusion, anti-teacher rhetoric, and hollow claims.  

Contrary to the narrative that is continually pushed out by those leading this secessionist movement, our Northgate feeder pattern schools are dynamic, innovative communities that foster high levels of student learning and engagement. The positive growth the Mount Diablo Unified School District has seen over the last three years shapes and supports student life at all of the Northgate feeder pattern schools.

Thanks to a strong partnership with Mount Diablo Unified School District, Bancroft Elementary School maintains a thriving Dual Immersion Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Program, providing students the opportunity to develop academic language proficiency in English and Spanish, master grade level core standards and develop cultural proficiency. The $300,000 in funding from the Tesoro Corporation, the result of a long established connection with the Mount Diablo Unified School District, has resulted in a successful after school robotics program at Foothill Middle School. At Northgate, our academic programs, clubs, and events are enriched by our diverse and robust student population. And our college acceptance rates, SAT, and AP scores continue to be stellar. 

The fact that the CAPS organization has provided no detail about how programs for our most vulnerable feeder pattern students will be funded and maintained is deeply problematic. Their claims that our students who receive special education services at our feeder pattern schools could simply shift into a county level caseload demonstrates both a profound gap in understanding the complex components of Special Education as well as a troubling insensitivity to these students and their families.

Because of Mount Diablo Unified School District’s size and population our students are provided with specialized services that do not even exist at the county level. Our Northgate feeder pattern schools offer specific programs for students with special needs including Strategic Autism, Intensive Autism, and Mild to Moderate Special Day programs. Students who need to miss school because of an unforseen illness or injury can ensure that they stay on their academic track with our district’s Home and Hospital Program. We have no idea how the CAPS organization will ensure that these vital programs and services will be maintained. Endorsing a new school district without concrete answers will put many students in jeopardy.

Finally, the architects of this secession movement either never had children complete their schooling in the Northgate feeder pattern or have children who are at the end of their K-12 academic journey. They will not have to deal with the fall out and guaranteed difficult transition years if this new district comes to fruition. They will not be expected to make higher contributions at school sites just to keep programs sustained, and they will not have to meet a guaranteed exodus of teachers out of these schools as this country faces a major teacher shortage. Those of us with young children in these feeder pattern schools are deeply disturbed.

We need to show the Walnut Creek City Council that we are unified in our opposition to this destructive and divisive movement. We believe in Mount Diablo Unified and know that students and teachers are better served with the tremendous programs and services that our district offers. 


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